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    First careers

    When it's time to put all you've learned to work, consider joining Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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    "I help my customers obtain the highest data possible for proteomics applications that play a vital role in drug discovery, diagnostics and molecular medicine. I do good work."

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    Help us make a difference

    Join Thermo Fisher Scientific's global family of more than 50,000 passionate employees who come to work every day with one mission - to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

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    "My team conducts the complete sourcing and order management for our customers, giving them the opportunity to rededicate that time to creating solutions for some of science's greatest challenges. I do good work."

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    Predicting the impact of climate change

    Our Thermo Scientific instruments are being used by the British Antarctic Survey, a leading environmental research center, to analyze Antarctic ice for clues on past climate change - and indicators of more changes to come.

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    "I am privileged to lead the company's social media strategy, managing blogs full of rich scientific content that requires diligent oversight. My manager calls what my team and I do "marketing R&D". I do good work."

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  • A male and female biotech scientists working in a lab

    A trusted laboratory collaborator

    As a true laboratory partner, our Unity Lab Services brand provides researches with exactly what they need to drive innovation and productivity. And we're looking for more world-class experts to deliver on those needs.

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    "I coordinate an efficient, risk-controlled, fully compliant clinical supply chain. In my work, there is always a patient waiting for medicine and I make sure that happens as quickly and safely as possible. I do good work."

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Meet the Beerys

Thermo Fisher Scientific CIO Joe Beery talks about his family’s journey of discovering his twins’ misdiagnosis of Cerebral Palsy to confirming through sequencing technology that what they had all along was Dystonia.

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We Made the List

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s ranking in the Fortune 500 grew from 215 to 181 this year, Forbes rated us one of America’s Best Employers, and we are #4 on the Barron’s 500. 

Fortune 500

America’s Best Employers

Barron’s 500

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Ten Reasons to Join Thermo Fisher Scientific

There are dozens of reasons to join Thermo Fisher. Here are the top 10.